Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Early Appointment To My Ortho Tomorrow

I am not looking forward to my appointment tomorrow. The scheduled appointment is at 9 in the morning, way too early for me to start my day. I don't wanna rush in the morning you know especially when it's cold. Dr. Mik, is going to adjust my braces again for the second time since I have them on. Adjusting time means pain to me!

Argssssss oh one more thing why I dread going to his office, I can't help myself to be embarrassed because he is one cutieeeeeeeeee doctor that's gonna work in my mouth. It feels so awkward having someone mag bulikat bulikat sa imo baba nya ka guapo raba sa taw? Ok ra ug tiguwang maot siya, for I will not care about it haha.

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