Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miraculous Facebook

Do you know the feeling when you have found somebody from a networking website that you never expected you ever find, hear or see him/her again? The feeling of excitement and joy when you see that person's profile that is just unexplainable? It happened to me a million times already and oh it just feels good to have found my long lost ka berks before from grade school 'till college.

Tonight I just came across to this very girl who commented on one of my friend's in her pictures. Upon reading her name, the old memory in our highschool days flashes back. She was once a pitiful girl, timid, smart but wasn't so lucky of her step mom for she wasn't treated like a real daughter.

So often I found myself wondering what had happened to this girl since we parted ways after graduating highschool? I was in disbelief when I read her comment to my friend saying that she is in US already although she has been here for only a couple of months. Wow! What a fortunate destiny she has. Ah I am yet to talk to her about her pakig sapalaran on how she got here.

Anxiously waiting for her reply here. I truly hope she'll accept my invitation on Facebook so we can talk. I will give you an update guys once I can reach her. For now I must close this entry and get ready to go to bed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

FB really is cool. I've contacted old friends and relatives I would have otherwise never spoken to again.


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