Tuesday, November 17, 2009

She Is So Nice

Real characteristics of a person come out when you least expect it. You can tell a person has a good personality when she thinks about you more than anyone else. Twerlyn was so nice today that she sent me an offline message on YM telling me that there are new opps came out. She was not contented with that, she also sent me a text message on my phone telling me the same.

If it wasn't because of the text, I wouldn't have known there were available opps for me for I was busy finishing off my painting job in the bedroom. Twerl, if you read this post, I want to let you know that I appreciate your help today. I was touched by your thoughtfulness!

Not all people would have done what you did for me today so to you my friend, THANKS A BUNCH ha!! You are such a jewel and for that you are worth to be thrown in my treasure box to be kept forever. Amards ra?

1 comment:

Twerlyn said...

12 midnight na, karon pa ko kabalik kay nag cge ko yama sa akong opps..hehe! Bitaw Anne, salamat aning special mention hehe wa ko dahom du imong i-share ang akong kalaki sa text ug ym hehe! bitaw it's my pleasure to share the blessing oi..ingon pa nila, if you share you gain more..char! naka gain ug more lagi oi, wa na submit ehehe!giahak..tigaan ko cla ug ticket, aw murag police..hehe! gudnight there..


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