Tuesday, November 17, 2009

holiday frames at zennioptical.com

My husband is the only one wearing prescription eyeglasses in this house. When I first came to join him here in America, I remember vividly that we went to an expensive eyeglasses store to purchase his prescribed eyeglasses. A pair of eyeglasses cost him 400 bucks and they didn't last long. After 2 years of using them, it created a small crack plus he accidentally dropped them once until one day they could no longer survive. Too bad. He was so unfortunate to have chosen to buy expensive glasses while in fact he can get them for a much lower price with nice and stylish frames.

After that experience, he never went back to that same store that charged him triple the price as what he can get at Zenni Optical that I have seen just like these holiday frames they have on their online store. For as low as $8, you can have a stylish, chic and fashionable prescription eyeglasses over at Zenni Optical's.

If I hear my husband complaining about his current eyeglasses, then I may have to force him to buy at least a couple pair so he can have something to wear in different occasion that will match his outfit.

Upon visiting the website, the attached photo of the eyeglasses is what I chose to put here for I like the design of the frame as well as the decoration of it. Plus, they are in blue color which is my favorite color of all.

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