Wednesday, November 25, 2009

fine art gallery

My husband loves buying original paintings. We have couple of paintings signed by the artists stocked in the garage, untouched and still in the original packaging. He just loves painting but not capable of doing it himself haha. So unfortunate of him being born and not being gifted with the talent.

I can't wait to open them in a box and hang them on the wall especially the cherry blossom one for it is so pretty and surely it will look good on our wall. How about you? Do you adore oil painting too? If you do then you may go look at fine art gallery in the Las Angeles area. Just visit the website or click on the link given here to see a full collection of different wonderfully created paintings with affordable dealer prices to the public which I believe you can afford to buy.

Also check out their Carrie Graber Sale, fine art for sale and pino art or you may also want to look at fine art specials and lastly follow them on twitter as they have a twitter account too that is to see the daily specials offering before others. Visit them right away, take a virtual tour of the site and browse for tons of fine art gallery to choose from.

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