Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's My Husband's Birthday Today!

I must be pretty occupied today for not being able to write an entry about my husband's birthday earlier. Although this post is late, I still wanna wish my husband a HAPPY 53rd birthday to him! Lalabs, I pray that you have 20 more years to celebrate your birthday, always be healthy and safe for your baby and me and most of all STAY GOOD as you are.

I didn't do anything special on his birthday, instead just greet him a happy birthday when I woke this morning and another greeting when he came home from work tonight. I will just cook something for him, spaghetti filipino version is what I wanna prepare for my husband this weekend. I can't drive and therefore, I can't gather the needed ingredients for this recipe so I must wait for the weekend to come.

Days before his birthday he already warned me that he doesn't need/want anything from me, huh he can't expect I can give him something because I've had trouble with my paypal debit card lately and can't use my account unless the dispute is over so I end up not getting anything from him. Geeeeezz!


Ritchelle said...

SUS ka bata pa ana oy!!!!

Ngita kag tagsakagatos pa ning ilang maabot nga edad?

Happy birthday to Sandy nalang diay oy bahala way gip!ha ha

MarlyMS said...

Happy birthday to your husband :)

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