Tuesday, November 17, 2009

decorating our new home

I never knew that moving from one house to another can be so stressful. Yes, I was told before by people who have moved once or a couple times how hard and tiring it is to move over stuff from one place to another but I did not believe them. For me, I can only find if it is true until I experience it myself.

October 28 came, the big move had to be done and yes, they were right when they said that. Arggsss it took us couple of days to bring all our stuff to the new house which we are living now. We already have some essential home furnishings and I believe this is enough for now. I am not sure though once our job here is over and things can be arranged in their proper place if we have furniture for each specific part of the house like the dining room furniture.

Well, I am so anxious buying the rest of the needed furniture online in which I can find great deals. I so look forward to that as well as Bathroom Vanities we need for all three bathrooms we have in this house. I heard an online store is having a storewide clearance sale that makes me want to go shopping for furniture right away. Clearance means really low price in everything that is on sale.

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