Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Goodbye Cavity

I had an early appointment to our dentist this morning, at 8:30 we were already in their office and had my teeth examined, x-rayed and filled. I went there only to get poked with sharp needle in my gum for numbing before they could start working in my cavity. Huh, I was thinking, how lucky of them, I came to their office and spent 98 bucks and get poked lolz.

I shouldn't complain though for I know it is for my own good. Now I look all good and totally cavity free at this time. Next time I will go see my very cute orthodontist I will be comfortable opening my mouth with him working in it for the affected teeth are all good as new. Thank goodness I am over it also big thanks to my husband for paying the expense with no complain at all.

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