Sunday, November 22, 2009

Easier This Way

Nothing could be more easier dropping ECs than a faster internet speed. I don't feel any disappointment at all when I hit back my drops to other Entrecarders nowadays since we switched to Charter. AT&T just doesn't work in this area as it used to be so that is the sole reason we fired them.

One thing that concerns me though is that I can't connect wirelessly with the new provider. For some reason it wouldn't work when I plug in the cable to our wireless router. What in the world is happening?? Everytime we use the internet, it's either me or my husband give his/my way so that one of us can use the internet. We cannot use it both at the same time because it just doesn't work. We are yet to figure out how to solve the problem without needing someone to come over to our house for I so hate having a stanger walking in and out of our house.

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