Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Her Greatest Milestone

Jadyn is growing up so fast. At 22 and 1/2 months old she is able to feed herself with the use of a spoon or fork. Everytime I give her food, she would just do the feeding herself and wouldn't even allow me to touch the spoon. How nice of her. However, I don't trust her so much with that for she would only eat a bit of her food and leave most of it gone to waste.

Sometimes I even force to jam some food into her mouth just so she could eat. I do that though when her dada isn't watching otherwise I'll be criticized by him. My husband thinks it is so wrong to force the baby to eat, if she's hungry she'll eat so there is no need to be forcing her to eat. Well, that's not me, I can't let my baby go starve so I wrestle her if I need to.

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