Saturday, November 28, 2009

Exactly One Month Today

Time is so fast that we already turned one month since we moved in this house. Wow, that long already? I didn't notice that because we have been so busy workin' around this house. So far we have done a really good job doing the painting ourselves for the walls look prettier than ever now. By doing the job, it enables us to save money. Instead of hiring someone to do it for us.

Although painting is such a tiring job to do and it seems endless but it's all worth it. The half part of our house is almost done, we are just waiting for the vinyl and toilet bowls to be installed in two bathrooms then we will be completely done. After that we are gonna face another job in the entertainment and living room.. hmmm I look forward to that.

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teJan said...

hi..thanks so much for dropping by my page:) WoW1 congrats to your new home! You are right and it feels good when you know that its coming from your own sweats and labor! heheh..lahi ra ang feeling!

Good day.. followed you and added!


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