Sunday, April 6, 2008


Hi friends! Happy Sunday to all of you.Hope you're having a fine day with your family.Have you gone to church already? Me,I haven't though I really would like to go but no driver.Lalabs' first work day of the week.We do have a Catholic church in a few blocks,if only I can walk to go there,I'll do it but I have a baby with me so it's impossible.Anyways,I did my cleaning yesterday so today I am doing nothing but eating and sleeping all day long.In fact,I just got up and here I am again eating. Baby is so good for she sleeps too when I sleep.Isn't it nice? It's good to be relaxed and not worrying of something but getting ample sleep that I really need.
You enjoy your day guys!

1 comment:

Ivy Sterling said...

Dakoa ngisi sa iyang smiley ah..hmm ako na pud ang nag mug-ot diri kay me mata nga bug at ang akong utok brain sakit kaayo...i think I over sleep


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