Monday, April 7, 2008

1800 flowers

Nothing can be more flattering when you receive a dozen or two of flowers from your sweetheart.It is just so sweet to be given such red or any kind of colors and different variation of flowers. I used to receive a lot of flowers from my husband when I was still in the Philippines. In every occasion like my birthday,valentine's day,wedding anniversary and many more,he never failed to send me dozen of flowers in a vase.He ordered them from 1800flowers that is freshly picked from the garden.

I should say,I never experienced receiving flowers until I met my husband.He is the first man who make me feel like a woman. Of all the flower sites on the internet,he prefers to order from 1800flowers because the delivery is fast,different variety of flowers to choose from plus excellent customer service. For him,that is all that matters aside from making his wife happy.

Since,mother's day is drawing near,why not try to look for flowers for your dear wife,mother,aunt or grandmother and give flowers to them on their special day? Just go to the links provided above and start making a list of people that you want to send flowers in.

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