Thursday, April 10, 2008

new radio stations

One of my hobbies when not in the computer is tuning in to local new radio stations that can give me the sound clarity without hissing for it is in high definition.I found this very nice website on the internet with an address of They now have clear channels broadcasting 340+ radio stations compatible with iTunes. Now what you can do is open their site and learn how you can do iTunes Tagging. Next is decide which radio station you want to upgrade.

Avoid the hissing sound by tuning in to high definition radio and play the music all day long.I believe this will give you the satisfaction you ever need that you cannot get from any ordinary radio stations.While you are on the computer you can also listen to the music at the same time.You gotta try this out friends,,anyways there is nothing to lose if you do not like it there or not.

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