Friday, April 4, 2008

My Version of Beef Soup

It was my first time to try boiling short rib beef yesterday with miswa.Rose told me that it taste good if you put miswa in lit-ang baboy,since I don't have baboy here,I used beef instead and it turned out to be so delicious and yummy.

I prefer beef for it has a lot of nutrients that is good for baby's brain development.I am going to do it again when I have the chance though.Probably tomorrow because baby is kind of fussy right now and is so sensitive for she's hurting.

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Ivy Sterling said...

oi kalami sa iyang nilat an...way bahaw diha? e itsa diri beh? lol! fussy na si bb Jdyn tungod sa kadaghan sa njections bisan ako oi maka sikad guro ko ug taw kay sakit ana intawn ang dagom.... waaa tiguwang naman gani ko mahadlok gani ana njection..unsa pa si bb intawn kalooy.

niways mo try pud diay ko ug luto ani imong beef with miswa


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