Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Little Sweetie.Love Mama

I can't stop taking pictures of my baby.I do have tons of shots of my baby making different faces.Almost all of them are my favorite.It's hard to take my eyes off her because she's just so pretty(atleast in my eyes and in the eyes who love her). Here I am again bragging my own cute sweetie.If Cathy,the jealous impaktita will visit here again and read this post of mine,she probably will leave a nasty comment of my baby.Sa masuya lang!


Family Paradise said...

Aguy gyud ning mga bata maka ibog, manganak nalang ko usab uy....nindot jud ning months pa dah, hehehe.

Makalingaw na kaau ang anghel na si Jadyn, kay mo smile na jud. Ning mga katawa sa anghel makadani gyud kaau.

Sagdahi to si Cathy uy....ilubong nalang to sa kalimot kay si Jadyn bisan tuwad-tuwaron wafa jud.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

just dropping by in here let you know your baby Jadyn is so CUTE. I enjoyed watching all her picture...Liwat sa imo si Jadyn GWAFA!!! Take care ^_^

anyfreebies@gmail.com said...


ang cute cute ng baby mo.

By the way, is it okay if I'll add you on my blogroll?


dashingsmiles said...

she's soooo adorable and very pretty.

laura said...

jady is so cute,be ready im sure lotta boys chasing with her hehehe

Missy said...

Beautiful girl! Happy WW!

Chikai said...

ay pasagdi ng mga nasty comments gwapa. sa masuya lang. hehe!

pretty kaayo imo bebe oi. lami kaayo haluk-halukan iyang chubby cheeks.


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