Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Getting your Legs Ready for Skirt

It's always nice to do some reading because we can always learn something new.I have a mountain of beauty and fashion magazines here that are unopened for I am always busy. I got bored and eyes are hurting so I quit my computer addiction for hours and turn my attention to my Glamour Magazine.

Based on my reading that you can actually make your legs lookin supple and smooth by making this simple tip that I learned. A mixture of 2 teaspons of baking soda,salt and lemon juice could do a miracle to your legs.Apply it in a damp skin probably before you take a shower or after shower,either way,you choose then voila! You can have smooth looking legs for Spring and Summer.

That way,you can enjoy the nice outfit you have and the beautiful weather that God has given us! I may have to try it when I have time for I have such scaly legs and full of scars haha!

1 comment:

Utah Mommy said...

Wow ha maayo diay ni dai wala ko idea ani sauna dah! Ako nya ning i apply ig human nakog panganak puhon. Salamat sa tips dai maayo nalang di ta malosyang lol!


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