Thursday, September 23, 2010

Work In Progress

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We've had several friends came over to our house a few times already and one thing they notice first once they enter the house is the dark walls in our living room. We only told them that painting job is still in progress. We have painted three bedrooms, two bathrooms and the hallway with light blue and green colors. Next area we should paint is the living room to make it more inviting for our visitors.

Next time we buy paint, we would like to try a different brand and see the effect it gives to the darkest part of the house. Glidden paint brand as what I have heard can be a good option since it has some paint testers that we can buy and try it out on our natural dark wood walls. What makes Glidden's paint testers unique from other brands is that, they have a handy brush included in the lid which allows us to try out the actual paint color before committing to buy all the paint necessary for our project.

We didn't try using a tester before but next time we work in the living room, we make it sure that we will, otherwise we will be wasting our money for buying paint and we don't want it.

If you are looking forward to starting a project, coloring your bedroom walls or other parts of your house too, please visit: to find colors that you like and some fast ideas to get your project started.

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