Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Favorite Infomercial

Author: Dorsey Velasquez

First off, I am not the kind of person who usually watches any infomercials.

But, one afternoon after I'd switched to a satellite dish from directtv I got to see one of the most fun and informative infomercials around, which has become my favorite infomercial ever!

There was this gadget being demonstrated by this guy with a really nice British accent.

I thought, "This looks like a cute little gizmo.".

I'm not sure if I can actually mention the product, but, let's just say it works like "Magic" and is shaped like a big "Bullet"!

The people they have in their infomercials are people I feel I can relate to; they're not "zombie-like" actors who only repeat the same phrases over and over, they have a positive personality that works well with the British Pitchman they've gotten to demonstrate the best little blender/chopper/mixer I've ever had the pleasure of using!

When I sat down to watch "The Magic Bullet Show" (my favorite infomercial), I was able to see the great things it can do! I literally got to see Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and afternoon snacks being made inside of a half an hour! I never would have imagined that!

I always enjoy watching my favorite infomercial because I can't wait to see the new products they have to go with it!

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