Saturday, September 4, 2010

Securing Your Website

I was reading a Yahoo article a few seconds ago, it is about where to shop for biggest deals this Labor Day weekend. The writer says it all and I think he has done such a good job in naming which stores to go to get a deal. The article itself received few comments from the readers. One of the commenters is saying that Yahoo needs to do something about the spamming of its site otherwise he'll go somewhere else.

Yeah, I notice the spams in the comment section too. What a waste of time if people would read the spam message as well. What Yahoo needs is the Trust Seal for its website. This trust seal comes from the a company called Sitelock. If the SiteLock certificate is displayed on the web page it increases conversion rates that gives your business instant credibility and trust in the eyes of your clients. I guess all websites popular or not, personal or business sites, all you need is this SiteLock thingy to secure secure your website.

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