Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fish Recipes

Nothing is more rewarding than having these mouth-watering Filipino dishes. I love fish a lot. I grew up surrounded by bodies of water and in our place, fish of any kinds were abundant. I wouldn't replace it for a steak.

So speaking of fish, here's what we had this morning. I actually cooked these yesterday and decided to leave some for today. The fried fish is the mackerel which my girl loves so much and the second photo is of my tinolang bangus or boiled milkfish with all the spices and lemon grass to make it more delectable to the mouth.
........these are the kind of foods that could totally ruin my diet, but even so...I still eat them paired with rice...I just have to learn to discipline myself of not eating too much of this when it's late so I could reach my goal of getting rid my unwanted belly fats.

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