Monday, September 13, 2010

Things To Do In Kissimmee

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Kissimmee Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have always been a full-time homemaker. I got here in America over four years ago and since then I have never tried working outside the house. I do paid blogging yes and I consider it as my part time job. There is money in blogging I tell you but sometimes I can't help but wish I worked with other people too.

But anyway, I have no complain being a stay-at-home mom and wife because it is such a fulfilling job. I just have to enjoy and savor every moment spent with my family for I know someday I want go out and find me a job too. For sure I am going to miss those times when I had all the time to rest and relax at home.

Always staying in the house most of the week can be very tiring too, that is when my homesickness strikes. I think I deserve to have an adventure too. I know myself very well, I can be so adventurous when given a chance plus I love traveling a lot. I have only been to a few states like Iowa once, California twice and once in Oklahoma. The next state that I would like to see is Florida. I want to bring my baby in Disney World and Gatorland you know?

And since Disney World is located in Kissimmee, it would be our chance to go roam around the area and explore what the place has to offer, that if we will be able to make it to Florida in the next months. I heard so much about Kissimmee before. It is the Heart of Florida. Next to Orlando which is very accessible to everything including the beaches, theme parks, outdoors, relaxation and many others. Zip-lining and horse back riding are two of the most anticipated activities I want to do there. How about you guys, where would you want to have a vacation if you are given a chance? What sort of things you would want to do aside from going to the beach? Please plan your vacation soon and visit this website for a fun and adventurous vacation ahead. Site is HERE.

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