Monday, September 6, 2010

Visited My Late FIL's Girlfriend

I am glad we were able to make it to San Antonio last Friday. There was only one reason why we drove for 5 hours there, just to visit you know she is my father-inlaw's girlfriend. Event hough he is no longer around, we still consider Jean as part of the family since she is the last person whom he wanted to marry before he got very ill.

I think Jean was very delighted we came down visited here for she has no one to see her. Her sons are in California and for that we are honored to be in Texas and continues to see this lonely old woman in the future.'s them in her apartment looking at family pictures of Morgan Sanborn
..........and here's us in the above photo squeezing in her little sofa...'s my husband and Jean, they started looking at the photos at the dining area and finished them in her apartment...

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