Thursday, September 30, 2010

Noise Filtration

Students often get distracted by the noise alone they can hear outside their classroom. In a school like we have in the Philippines, where all windows and doors are open all the time, you could hear all kinds of noise coming from the outside. With this being said, students could easily get distracted from what they hear.

Based in my own experience, I remember vividly that it was hard to focus on what the teacher say due to the fact that I lost concentration to the teacher. Noise is the cause of all those troubles I have had when I was in school.

Those times or until now where classroom audio systems, classroom amplification or the plenum rated amplifier weren't/aren't available. One Summer I had a teacher carrying a small speaker and a microphone with her whenever she visit each classroom and she used it in order for her to deliver to her students a clear classroom audio. I thought that was silly.

For information on what amplifiers and audio systems do in the classroom is that to have a powerful classroom audio system that is easily concealed. Educational environments with data projectors need classroom amplification systems that provide clear, powerful sound without taking up excess room. This product fills that need without sacraficing power or clarity.
It also uses advanced noise filtration to eliminate interference that may be present in classroom audio systems.

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