Saturday, September 4, 2010

She Embarrassed Us

Jadyn loves holding food in her mouth. No matter how hard we try to let her swallow the food but once she decides she just holds it then nothing we can do. We went to her little gym this morning and in the car she was already holding foods. When we arrived I tried to let her spit it out but she wouldn't do it, we just went inside anyway as we were already a minute late.

So we joined the group and started walking when she out of the blue blew the food out with some nuts and saliva mixture in it. It was very embarrassing really. The people in the gym thought Jadyn was sick but no she was not, she just had some food in the mouth that she could no longer hold and puke. That was gross. I make sure it won't happen again as I see to it there'll be nothing in her mouth when she goes to the Little Gym.

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