Saturday, September 18, 2010

Please Visit My New Blog

Hi my dear readers and visitors! Thank you for your continued patronage on my blogs especially this one. I am honored to have been peeked and viewed by you everyday or once in a while. As you can see, I have several blogs I try to update everyday and that seems so hard to do sometimes for my schedule gets hectic too just like everybody else. But despite of that, I decided to create a new blog which will be my journal for my planting and home activities starting this month. If you please take a look at my Gardening Is My Hobby blog and add me to your blog roll, let me know when you do that so I can add you up there too. There you will see plants that I grow at home and possibly some homegrown vegetables in the future for me and my husband are planning of making a garden in our backyard so we don't have to buy veggies at the store with full of pesticides. So here guys, I am proud to announce the birth of my 7th blog.

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