Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Helping My Friends

I have been trying to help out with my friends living in the Philippines. If they couldn't find the men they want to be with online, might as well do something worthwhile. Something that will bring some money into their pocket like blog marketing since they do have unlimited internet connection. All they got to do is put up a personal blog, update it everyday until it gets three months old so they can register their blogs to paid blogging sites.

As we all know, blog marketing has been a successful strategy to promote products, services and other types of businesses. It increases exposure to the website itself as well as profitability that is why most advertisers turn to blog marketing nowadays instead of using that traditional way of advertising.

If you are a blogger, you will find it difficult and kind of confusing at first but then once you will know how to tweak and get familiarized with your blogs layout and such, it will just be a peace of cake for you then you will be ready to help others too. I don't mind helping my friends getting into paid blogging as long as they show interest to what I am trying to teach them.

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