Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bridal Reality Never Looked so Good

This guest post from Werner Rogers

After spending a year planning my wedding I have become a fan of bride reality shows. My favorite to date is Bridezillas. The brides on this show takes wedding demands to a completely different level. There is one episode that I remember the most. One bride ordered a vanilla wedding cake from a local bakery. She then changes her mind and decided on chocolate. The bakery accommodated her change and worked for ten hours baking a beautiful three tiered wedding cake. When the bride came to taste a sample of her cake she decided she no longer wanted chocolate and began to yell and scream at her cake consultant. Though I thought that was completely obnoxious what she did next left me speechless. In a screaming rage she slammed her hand down into the cake saying she wanted vanilla and stormed out of the bakery.

I had never seen anything like that before and was oddly pulled in to watch more. I love bridezillas because you never know what to expect next from a stressed out bride. My favorite part about the program, which I found one day browsing on my satellite tv I ordered from is that each bride acts really mean in the beginning of the show. However, they are a heap of wet tears by the shows in. I am now addicted to bridal reality television.

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