Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wrestling With My Baby

I so love spending time with my baby. I seldom do it because I am busy haha call me bad nanay but it's true. I am just so glad that she is a baby who can entertain herself without crying for hours except of course if she wants milk and wants to take a nap.

Last night was our night we both found out that we actually love to wrestle. I brought my laptop on our bed for a while because I was too tired to be sitting in an office chair. She was still awake at that time, 'twas like almost 11 pm and she wanted to get to my computer and spank the screen so hard, leaning on to the keys while she does that. Seeing her hurts me because my computer is just like part of me that she's spanking.

We both laughed, scream for joy and really really enjoyed the wrestling hehehe. She is soooooo strong!

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