Monday, November 17, 2008

Cool Toy for Learning Babies

We just bought our baby this cool toy from Walmart. Not only she will have fun riding on this one but also learn alphabetical letters and counting numbers too. It comes with alphabetical blocks in rainbow colors and when you drop it in the hole on top of the train, it will read the letter and sing.

Not only that, if you put the block in each side of the toy, again it will read the corresponding letter and the word that starts it like "letter A" and when the block is turned over it will say APPLE. Another thing it's capable of doing is, it has a book in the center of the slots and if you flip it, it will read the alphabet letter. Very cool toy to have for learning babies like ours.

Someday when she reaches over a year, she would love riding on it. Attached photos are of her looking amused of the first big toy she has.
..the colorful blocks to use for the choo choo train to read it to her..
.. choo choo ride..
...flipping over the pages of the book.

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