Saturday, November 22, 2008

Missed The Raining Opps!

I had a fun time dropping my EC cards that I didn't know 3P showered some high paying opps to do. At first a fifteen-dollar opportunity came out and I missed it. Minutes later another $38.50 came out again and turned gray for the second time, I missed it. This was from last night's batch.

It's Saturday and no one thought that 3P will give out opps today for they are usually quiet during weekends. So I decided to stay in bed longer. I got up at 10 in the morning not thinking of any possible job to do but to my dismay, a buddy of mine buzzed me for 3P is showering opps again. There is only one left, a ten one that is very gray. Who knows if they released a couple earlier and I missed them all.

It's fine with me though because there are days when I can be lucky. There are days that are slow as well which for me is normal.

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