Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We go out and eat once in a while to taste outside of the home cooking. I get tired of eating my own food and if I do, I simply ask my husband to bring me somewhere and feed my stomach. It could be foods from the buffet or something fattening but yummy.

I do crave for burger or hotdog sometimes and guess what? My husband exactly knows where to bring me if I tell him I want to eat hotdog/burger. At foodrockers the best place to be when it comes to burger, fries, hotdog, patties or whatsoever that is easy to cook. It is also where they cook your meat and you are the one to add flavor to it, spicies and all that.

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Dezz said...

Hmm yummy! hehe sis thanks sa visit and looking all our pics. Indeed it was so much fun sa pinas. I remember the pics you're referring to hahahha grabe akong dako oi very funny kayo, sometimes he loves na mangita ug katong tongan aron mas mutaas pa sya s ako a.. some of our pics diri naga patong pa sya.. gina delete gani naku kay malagot ko hahahhahaha..

btw, advance merry xmas..
Ganahan ko basa sa imong blog.. very nice!



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