Saturday, November 22, 2008

Get Over It Loser!

You're making me laugh to death here loser for you can't get over your insanity. I know you're hanging in my blogs because I clearly see you footprints here. Well, thank you then for the traffic you're bringing into my sites.

You probably are the one using your NPA friend's account and that she's bugging you there now because she was the one who got humiliated the most. I did what I have to do to those who bit me so I am done with you all. Duh, if I were you I would knock my heels three times and wish I HAD A LIFE!

Shouldn't you be concerned of finding out who was using her friendster account and commented in my photo? I think you shouldn't be mad at me you ugly duckling for teaching your friend a lesson instead turn your angst to the real person who opened her account because according to her SOMEBODY IS USING HER FRIENDSTER, IT WAS NOT HER so I'll give her a chance for that, it's your business now to find out KINSA NAGPA ALI ALIG PANGUNA PANGAWAY. As I've said, I'M JUST GIVING "HER" HER OWN DOSE OF MEDICINE! Yan napapala sa mga taw way kinabuhi and now you have the guts to be so FLAMING MAD? heck!

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