Monday, November 17, 2008

Waiting On Me At Midnight

..geezzz I am very sleepy now and yet I'm on the computer. There are things to do before I can lay down in bed. I still need to do the bed for I washed the sheets today and they're still in the dryer. There are also clothes need to be folded on the bed which I have forgotten since the last time I did my laundry last week hehehe..

Shame on me, it takes me days before I can remember where our other clothes are. It really isn't easy being addicted to the internet because all you wanna do is sit and sit until your callouse in the bottom can go thick, as thick as a cow's face!

Ok enough ranting here, I shall start doing the bed now so I can rest my tired mind and body and get up early tomorrow and work again.. haha work sa computer ba!

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