Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thankful Day

Oh God, I do praise you for days like today. You showered me with fair opps and yes I made a bit of money today from 3Ps. Thank you so much! Well, it probably was my day of blogging today since I almost got zero yesterday. Luckily, the 22.50 offer from last week of October that I grabbed came out again today with a different product to blog.

Nevertheless, I wouldn't be happier if I am zero again hehehe. You know when small blessings came, we should also appreciate it because whether you accept it or not, it's still a blessing.


selina said...

ah lami-a ana day oi!

aron said...

good for you...mao jud! appreciate jud ta small things pud...ako zero permi..hehehe


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