Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lonely Week For Blogging

This week has been pretty slow for me or for all of 3P bloggers that don't have blog PR. Though they're releasing bountiful of opps but there is nothing for 0 PR to grab. I as one of them haven't made money for this week compare the previous week. Whatever their reason is, they're the only ones who know.

I must admit it's quite depressing for me because I'm trying to save up some money for the big trip I'm going to have 2 months from now. I feel like the big blogging site is teasing me. The more I need money, the tighter they're giving out opps hehehe. But what can I do anyways? Complaining is of no help after all. I wish they'll hear poor people's cry and they shower us with plenty of opps!


mjsterling said...

haha no worries kay ako the whole week 10 ra akong mas worst pa gyud ko lols

TommyClaire said...

hehehe! sige lang girl, when it rains, it rains man gyud!hinaut dunggon nila ang imong daing:)


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