Friday, November 28, 2008

He Must Love Me...

Just a funny photos to share, it's of my husband's grilling dried fish for me. He'd never done this before. It was too cold to be outside but I was gonna grill my own fish not needing his help but he voluntered doing it so be it. It was funny because I didn't think he's gonna do it for me.

When the fish was finished, he brought it inside and showed it to me, it looked so yummy and bit a small piece of the fish right in front of him and he uttered " ewww" then turned his head away as if it was so gross. Naks, t'was so yummy and so crunchy you know?

He must love me that much because he sacrificed himself, too cold and too stinky, he did it it's all because of me!! WAB YOW MUTS LALABS!

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