Sunday, November 16, 2008

She Got A Choo Choo Toy

The other day we went to shop for food as well as for our baby's stuff. We spent one hundred bucks on Deden's crib mattress and toy alone. We were looking for something that she can ride on and can be pushed so she can practice walking.

I saw this very feminine toy stroller and a doll in it in pink color but my husband didn't choose it for her because it looks boring though it's feminine. Instead we bought the choo choo toy for her that sings in Alphabet letter, counts one to ten and so many features that the baby can do in just one toy.

It cost so much than other toys but it's worth it and she is getting to liking the toy.

...playing the book that is attached to it..
... I like my new ride mom!


Sweetiepie said...

Perti ka cute jud sa among baby nag ride sa iyang toy oi. among baby gyod huh? hehehe btaw oi cutie jud kaau mana btaw si baby.

Renz said...

What a pretty little princess!!!


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