Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Victory!!

After a couple of days being harassed in all my blogs by the girl/woman whose id name is CA GIRL OR RICH RICH GIRL, I finally found who she is. She created a fake profile in filipinos networking site as well as created a blog account posting my face, I now know who my secret enemy is.

I don't understand as to why this girl is so pushy to have a retaliation against me while in fact, it wasn't her who got published. (Maybe she's the one using her friend's account?) I am not certain about that. She started screwing with my blogs since November 21 from my Prose of Relevance on my tagboards and comment box then to all of my blogs until eventually I totally disabled my comment box.

She was the one who criticised BLOGGERS DAW PAMUGASAY and keep calling me names that are far from reality. For days, she left me hanging who this VERY BEAUTIFUL girl is that can't stop bugging me? I pictured out she was very sexy, tall, pretty face and most of all driving a Bentley car since gipangalandakan jud niya dato daw lagi siya.

But, no no no, all those adjectives are the complete opposite of how she looks. I'm not gonna reveal her photo though I know how she really looks like and I know her real full name and the exact address where she lives. If she ever try to bother me again, huh pasensyahan ta for you'll never know what's gonna happen if you push the red button.

There's no escape on the internet if you messing up with me. I am not a computer geek but I know how to find ways to capture you! Peace Mareh for it's Thanksgiving Day and Christmas is drawing near! All I need in this world is love and peace and that's all I'm asking from my readers and visitors!

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