Sunday, January 6, 2008

Whoaa I Feel So Alone

This is my first time to experience having bana away from home during the weekend. It is his first day of his new work schedule today. He left home at 9:25 a.m.I was still in bed trying to sleep back again. So sad when I woke up I'm all alone,no bana around.The only thing that accompany me here is the computer and t.v but there is no interesting show currently playing!!!

It feels so awkward you know? He will be gone for 10 hours today! I am not used to it. Another thing that sadden me is my computer lost its sound. I was just doing my blog hopping last night and suddenly it hang up.I restarted it and when I used it again,the speaker sign in the bottom of the task bar has an X mark in it,I tried playing my music it will only give me a warning that audio devices are not installed.What the heck is going on? Before I had trouble playing a video here but I already solved it,now I lost my sounds grrrr...Pisses me off!

Anybody knows why this is? I really have no idea,cannot play my music anymore. Can't hear sounds from videos I want to watch. Somebody help me!!!!!!!!!! SOBBING!!!!!


Darlene said...

Kalouy pod sa buntis woi nag inusara diay ka dinha ron dai? Sige lang ulion man pod ka ni bana hehehehe paglingaw lingaw lang aron di ka ma bored.

""rare jonRez"" said...

being alone is a great reason to meditate anne, esp. nga walay sound imong pc. makapamalandong ba.. hehehe! 10 hours isn't long, lemme tell u. huna-hunaa nalang ang mga wives sa mga army nga na-deployed sa iraq and u will be much consoled. promise!

and with that no sound pc u have, basin imong sound card ang problema. or check ur speaker, too basin na usab ang settings. hope it comes back soon!

BB_ANNE said...

that sucks...that same thing happened to me last holiday season...that was the only change i could surf the net..but the pc was down...too bad...maybe u cud do ransack your dvds at home...try korean novelas kung makapalit ka dinha...^^


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