Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oh Gosh OB Visit Again???

I almost forgot that it's gonna be my OB visit tomorrow at 11:15 am.It's been a while since I have not seen my doctor due to the fact that she's mistreating her patients by keeping them wait for 1 or 2 hours in a small waiting room. You know that it really pissed us of because our supposed to be 30-minute appointment will turn to 2 hours before we could see her. What the heck is wrong with this doctor?

I really am not in favor going there anymore,if only not because I'm concern of my baby's general condition,I would not go there only to give them my husband's money.As expected,it's gonna be another long wait tomorrow and am pretty certain of that. It's like 2 or 3 weeks had passed since I've been to her clinic where I am supposed to be meeting her 2 times a week now that my due is drawing near.

"Ah kamo lang adto bahala pud,paantoson ko dugay kinsa siya..doktor lang siya nga binayran hehehehe"..Each time I chat with Ritchella she plead me to see my doctor because I need her check-ups..hmmmppp you just don't understand how I feel guys,waiting and waiting..a never ending wait for my doctor..


Mimi said...

What kind of doctor is that? I don't get that. Is she's just busy? Still though, she should not be late for her patients. 5 minutes late is acceptable but 2 hours is insane already. So far, I haven't experienced that kind of service yet with our hospitals here. I am always the one who came in late hehehe. On the waiting area, they put a sign, "Please let us know if you waited more then 5 minutes!" Anyway, God be with you always. Take care.

Roselle said...

hey anne? does she have an assistant that makes the sched of your appointments? that happend to me a few times and my doctor got angry when she found out that i've been waiting for hours and hours. She said she'll let her assistant know about it and limit the patients they'd accomodate in one day so they can attend to every patient in a timely manner. since then, i never waited that long. sometimes it's the scheduler's fault :(

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Byotipol,
You really have to see your doctor more often since your delivery date is almost at hand. Just be a little more patient with your doctor. Naumpisahan mo na rin lang siya. It's hard to change doctors especially at this point of your pregnancy when you're about to give birth na. Be a little more patient na lang. God bless and do take care of yourself and Jadyn.

Carrie Smith said...

That sounds like the usual wait to see a doctor here in Canada...doesn't matter where you go you are always waiting to be seen. I remember how hard it was when I was pregnant going to see my OB but it was even harder when I had to start taking along my other kids.
It will all behind you soon and you will be holding your little Jadyn.
God Bless


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