Monday, January 21, 2008

Behaving so Well

Today was a very cold day here in Texas. It was also our first time to bring our baby to her pediatrician for a quick check up for new borns.The doctor found out that she's doing so fine except that her number of biliru went up again so we need to put her back into therapy.In fact,she is now under therapy again but its in this house.

Anyways, I like our baby because as long as she is feeling fine,she would just behave in the car seat not complaining at all. After the doctor's appointment,we headed quickly to the grocery store and lalabs told me that if the baby starts to cry inside,I will just finish what I have to buy and go to the car ahead of him and he will finish the shopping. But thanks goodness,we went out from the store with no problem at all because our little Jadyn just behaving softly in her comfy car seat.

She really is her dad's girl,wonderful,nice and quiet.Wow how I love our precious little angel Jadyn..I love her so much that I am willing to do anything for her,like attending all her needs,even if it means waking up numerous times all through the night...It's my pleasure to do these all for my baby!


Carrie Smith said...

Welcome back Anne! Sounds like things are going well with Jadyn. It's amazing the love we feel for our children. They sure are a blessing!

I have something for Jadyn at my blog and an award for you! (if you have time)

take care to you all

Petula Wright said...

Congratulations on the birth of your baby. She's beautiful!

Ivy Sterling said...

Bootan gyud kaayo na si Jadyn, di siya gusto ma stressed ang iyang mommy ug daddy..

recel said...

thats good to know anne nga quiet lang si jadyn.. at least di mo magdali dali. hehe... i bet every mom feels the love, the unique and different and unconditional love that she has for her baby. ahh pagkasarp jud ma-mommy anne no?? hehe..


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