Sunday, January 13, 2008

Little Runner

Hi good morning my online kaberks,fellow bloggers,my secret stalkers and all the people in America and Europe! What a fine cool morning we have so far. It was only 8 am when I went out to hang our puppy's towels outside and oh my it was kind of cool.The sun was up already!
There is nothing much going on here so far except that I am liking it seeing our little dog running here and there,wanting to be carried and play and run again.
Seems like its gonna be our daily routine to be picking up poop and wiping pee on the floor while we are in the process of training her to deficate and pee in her pads. Wish this won't take us long to train her.


gen2507 said...

hello kumusta na? it is such a lovely rose:), akoa nani lol hahaha! long time na wala ko nakaagi hehehe, sorry about that. busy akoang beauty sa blogging himo entries sad oi haha... but i will hop here sometimes. I hope u have a wonderful weekend:)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Byotipol,
A wonderful good morning to you too my friend. Looks like not much to blog about that you should talk about your pet dog. Well anyway, when will you be delivering Jadyn? I hope you are in the best of health right now and nothing is wrong with you and your family. God bless and have a wonderful and pleasant day in the US always.


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