Thursday, January 3, 2008

No Signs of Stretchmarks

Should I be glad knowing that my belly is soon to burst and that I see no signs of my skin being stretched? They say tummy is not that big and it probably is true. In fairness, I really see no redish lines along my belly,I know it for I have been checking for possible marks from time to time.Also I am very careful to use Palmer's lotion for stretchmarks prevention with shea butter in it.

The doctor says that there is no such lotion to help your skin from getting stretch marks and all it can do is help moisturize your skin. If your mother has stretchmarks then you are highly or prone to getting them too. Sigh!! We'll see then if there really no marks after giving birth to my child...Weewww guys you just don't know how excited I am here now.

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Darlene said...

Sabagay gamay mana imong tiyan pod dai pero usually mugawas ang stretch marks after manganak. Nakalimot lang kog tell nimo nga naay lotion for buntis kagaya sa akoa i have no stretch marks sa akong tummy pero sa akong legs naa gamay but it's not that bad at all. Sayang nag lotion unta ka sa imong tiyan ssugod pa pag gamay sa imong tiyan kay maka help gyud nga walay stretch marks dai.


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