Friday, January 11, 2008

As Expensive as Human Being

We went out for shopping for our puppy yesterday.We went to pet smart for stuff that our little dog needs like food and water dish,comfy pads,toys,dog food,puppy trainer spray and pup pads and etc. I was not expecting that we could spend over a hundred bucks,$144 to be exact just for the dog alone.Way too much. Having a puppy is not easy because you have to spend a dime for her if you must.

She's still a baby and she needs vaccine for anti rabies and others to keep her protected from harmful infections that other dogs might be carrying. Naks,this only means that we gonna have to spend plenty of bucks as she grow up. Vet expense is kind of heavy but we do what we can do for our little dog.My husband is just too kind to provide everything that is necessary.

Sorry not much of an update here,been busy doing my opps on my other blogs.However,I will try to post an interesting entry to read tomorrow.I am sleepy and have not been able to take a nap because there are so many things that is on my mind right now.

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idealpinkrose said...

i hubby, too! he doesn't care spending 100 bucks for our dog. hehehe..

hi sis, you've been tagged. you can view it here.


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