Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm Just Being Paranoid

I don't understand myself lately for I act like I'm being paranoid.Want to know why? Because yesterday I got panicked when Bank of America lost my money that I just transfered the other day. That is what I thought. I spent my whole day worrying about losing my hardwork because early morning yesterday I received a notice from the bank that I have a new balance that made me so happy.

I was kind of wondering why the money has arrived too soon while it usually takes 3-4 days to transfer from paypal to my account. Then later that day,I received another alert from the bank telling me my current or available balance and as to my surprise, I only had $1000 plus in my account knowing that I just transfered some.

This was not being cleared until my husband arrived home from work in the evening and showed him what was happening.Yes,he listened to me. And read the bank's alert. That is how I found out that the first bank alert was not even my account and I was not watching the accounts last 4 numbers(iyaha diay to..napalaw noon ko duh!!) thoroughly that my money has not been transfered yet.It was actually for my husband's...whoaaa shame shame on me!

I am just being paranoid here maybe because I am thinking too much and nervous of the day my little Jadyn's arrival? Thanks goodness,there is nothing wrong with my money!

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Darlene said...

Nahitabo na sad na nako kausa dai hahahaha mura kog nabuang kadali ato maayo nalang naa si bana mi explain kaamaw gyud nako woi parehas diay ta amaw kay nahitabo man sa atua duha hahahahaha

Carrie Smith said...

I am waiting and watching for the day little Jadyn arrives. You must be so excited to finally see you little bundle of joy...definitely a proud moment!

take care

Maria Justine said...

Don't worry too much gwapa it's not good for the baby :-)


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