Monday, January 7, 2008

Playing With His New Toy

My husband is really into high tech gadgets. When he heard something new is out in the market expect him to be surfing and look at those stuff which he thinks are useful and educational. Yes that's him. This doesn't mean though that he gonna buy stuff that he doesn't need. He is a spender person but make sure that he can truly use the things that he buys.

Like his portable digital voice recorder,I know most of you guys already have it and it is not new to your ears. He bought this one so he can use it at work for people who make argument with him or for his safety so that his boss can't complain on how he treated other people he is dealing with.

It's him in the photos attached reading the manual at the same time getting familiarized of his new toy.


Darlene said...

Ah ka seryoso sa imong manoy dai anne woi hehehehe tutok maayo sa manual ug iyang dulaan

Ivy Sterling said...

haha abi nako ug kinsa si techie oi, sus ang new toy diay sa imong banacious. hehe seryoso kaayo siya ga pindot pindot ana iyang new toy.

Tony and Annie said...

pastilan ikaw gyud gi disturbo pa nimo na serious kaayo hehehe... hala cge kuhaon na nako ang tag para di maliki ang kalibutan ... hehehe salamat


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