Friday, January 4, 2008

He Finally Speak Out

Hubby and I have always this pillow talk session before we sleep at night. We do it as part of being a married couple together inorder to maintain open communication from one another. I try to ask what his day was at work and he would also ask me something of what is going on here or that if I'm feeling fine.

Just talk anything that we could think of.It is pretty nice too because we get to cuddle and exchange sweet nothings before going to the dreamland. The othere night,I was talking about how anxious and excited I am for our coming baby and he utter his words too about him just as excited as I do.

I was very happy to hear such words because for the first time ever,he said those. I thought he feels nothing about the baby but deep inside he's excited too. Yeppeyy he finally speak out about his excitement towards the baby.

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""rare jonRez"" said...

every papa-to-be is excited anne. sometimes, they're more excited thn us man gani. dili lang cguro kaau expressive imong bana. but it's good that he finally showed it off. i'm excited for u both! ingat ka...


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