Friday, January 4, 2008

Irresponsible Buntis

I didn't know time has passed by over me until I noticed that my baby inside kicking me from here to there especially to my right ribs. I wonder what was wrong with her though she usually kicks me alot or moves alot as if she's a having a disco inside. I was doing some opps from other blogging sites,watching tv and chatting at the same time when I completely forgotten about my meal.

It was already past one o'clock when I happen to glance at the clock and I was shocked knowing that I skip my meal just because I was so busy doing my thing. I had my snack at 11 yes,but I shouldn't waited for another 2 hours before eating something. Poor is this little life in my belly,totally forgotten feeding her.I didn't mean to.

I could say I am being so irresponsible here,she is not born yet,how much more when my baby is already here...???? Promise to really keep watch of activities,my baby should be on top of the list.

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Darlene said...

Sus ug manganak naka dai dili na gyud mahimo ma miss nimo ang kaon kay delikado ka sa pasmo ug bughat simbako lang pod tawn. So extra care gyud kay lahi na raba ang lawas sa babae ug magawsan nag tawo pod. So i advice not to skip any meals ok?

paulyn said...

Don't worry, girl, sometimes that happens. It doesn't mean you've become irresponsible. When the Baby comes, you surely won't get the oppotunity to miss anything at all! Before you even realize it, she might even have all of your attention that you might even neglect your ownself! That's motherhood, I know it so well! So take good care of yourself always!

""rare jonRez"" said...

ahaha.. basta ing-ana nga edad pastilan, unstoppable jud na ilang kick, timbling, circus and all sa sulod sa tummy anne. ambot nalang jud. lami nga ngilngig, nga sakit, nga gilok ra ba pamation! hehe... and w/ that kaon, nah aaw jud pabaya kung manganak na ka.. di jud na dapat ma-miss nimo. saon nalang ang lawas. mao ra nay puhunan. u will be amazed how u will be handsful when jadyn comes out!

Maria Justine said...

that's ok waffa tanan man ta ana usahay hehehe :) pero never skip meals again waffa...take care of urself and ur baby!!!:-)


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