Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Busy Mailmen

I didn't have time posting these big boxes last night as I was really tired and felt lazy too. Yesteday was a busy day for UPS,USPS and FedEx people knocking on our door for series of deliveries they sent us. I received 6 packages from those different people, 2 small packages at first and then the rest naks heavy boxes came in.I couldn't believe 6 packages--2 small ones and 4 heavy and big boxes all arrived in one day.Saon!!
It was my husband who ordered it all from ebay. Dashboard cover,a complete mechanic book for his car, Jadyn's wooden toy, lights,dresses and etc..argsss... it was really busy for me receiving those whoaa hekhekhek..

1 comment:

""rare jonRez"" said...

wow!!!! with how busy those mailmen are anne, i won't complain for sure. basta ba akoang mga packages ang gika-bisihan nila. i love opening parcels. awww so exciting jud! hehe


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